Indisposable: Online Chapters

Indisposable: Structures of Support after the Americans with Disabilities Act
Curated by Jessica A. Cooley and Ann M. Fox
2020 – 2022

Chapter 1
Alex Dolores Salerno‘s film El Dios Acostado about the disabling effects of colonialism. Performance by Ryan J. Haddad, poetry by Ellen Samuels, film by Alex Dolores Salerno, and conversation with Alex Dolores Salerno and Kevin Quiles Bonilla.

Chapter 2
A video essay, #QuarantineLooks: Embracing the Fabulously Mundane, by Sami Schalk who creates pleasure activism during a global pandemic. Live illustrations by MK Czerwiec, video essay by Sami Schalk, conversation with Sami Schalk and Jina B. Kim.

Chapter 3
Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa’s film, FRONTLINES OF ALL KIND documenting their endeavors and challenges during the pandemic. Conversation with Navild Acosta, Fannie Sosa, and Mandy Harris Williams.

Chapter 4
Raisa Kabir’s film, House Made of Tin (a socially distanced weaving performance), of her public weaving performance created by and for BIPOC, disabled, and queer participants. Conversation with Raisa Kabir, melannie monoceros and Raju Rage.

Chapter 5
Melancholy as Medium, conceived by Jill H. Casid. Transmission V (2021) by fierce pussy, reading Pato Hebert and Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad of the What Would an HIV Doula Do?Untitled (Melancholy as Medium) by Jill Casid, poetry by Pamela Sneed, and poetry and conversation led Heather Lynn Johnson.

Chapter 6
In Piecing Myself Together after the World Has EndedKiyan Williams confronts the erasure of memory and histories of enslavement that ableism and racism mutually enable. Conversation with Kiyan Williams, Abigail Deville, and Ariel René Jackson.

Chapter 7
Allison Leigh Holt’s film, Stitching the Future with Clues, explores neurodivergent thinking in perceiving our world, challenging conventional definitions of what it means to be human. Conversation with Allison Leigh Holt, Clifford Saron and Meredith Tromble.

Chapter 8
Texere is Indira Allegra’s global, art-based, web platform that provides a space for users to share their losses by digitally weaving images and words into a collaborative, ever-evolving online tapestry. Conversation with Indira Allegra and Therese Noël Allen, moderated by exhibition curators Jessica Cooley and Ann Fox.